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Innovation conference in Italy gallery

We’ve spent a couple of lovely days in Italy, Parma at EFSA headquarters as a selected few teams that specialized in mobile applications. During the event we participated in the ICT-enabled innovation round-table and also won the 3rd prize for the app demo proposing a cutting-edge innovative solution to EFSA’s database. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is the agency of the European Union that provides independent scientific advice and communicates on existing and emerging risks associated with the food chain. They’ve invited five teams that specialized in mobile application development to discuss innovative solutions how EFSA’s database of discoveries and research can be integrated into the mobile world. The round-table consisted of experts in ICT from all over Europe: UK, Belgium, ...

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RNCryptor memory issue image

One of the more recent apps which we developed had to take photos of confidential documents and eventually upload them to a remote server. Taken photos are stored within the app itself and password encrypted so they are not accessible by a third party in any way. The encryption is done via RNCryptor library and, since each file is up to 10 MB in size, consumes up to 50 MB of memory. RNCryptor supports ARC and this temporary memory load doesn’t cause any issues. However, our server supports upload of up to 20 files and, when files are decrypted one after another, memory overload accumulates. In order to solve this, we created a recursive method which decrypts files in background ...

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Talking with Javascript image

Hello everyone! Let’s start with a short background story: the task was to develop an open source library for presenting rich (HTML-based content) notifications inside iOS applications. Please feel free to take a look at current fork for the full story on GitHub. Challenging part this time was implementing communication with JavaScript embedded in a notification (banner). The actual idea is to implement two-way communication, meaning that iOS must be able to parse functions from JS, and JS must be able to ask for some info from iOS app. Fortunately – not very well documented, yet pretty cool and neat class JSContext, available since iOS 7.0, came to rescue. To not hold you any longer, let’s dig into the code! ...

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Let’s cuddle! image

Hey everyone! Let’s kick off this blog with a topic which probably isn’t going to be solved for aeons! 🙂 Since it’s going to be mostly about iOS development, I will focus on Objective-C/Swift here. You may have noticed that even Apple changes its mind regarding braces rules over the years.

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